Are Crosley Record Players Good in 2022?

Crosley record players are cheap and convenient hence used widely. The Crosley records are budget-friendly. That’s why many people go after them. But despite their popularity, it is a common question: are Crosley record players good? There is a rumor everywhere about these record players that they may damage your records. So, if they destroy your recordings, would you like to buy them? Of course not. Let’s discuss this issue in detail whether this rumor is real or not. 

Unfortunately, the fear is real. Crosley record players can damage your recordings to some extent. That’s why it is not wise to rely on Crosley’s records.  But they do this for some reason. 

Reasons why Crosley record players are not good:

Vinyl record collectors often criticize Crosley. This product is usually known for its poor performance and short shelf life, and poor quality. Crosley Cruisers are notorious for damaging vinyl records due to their poor tracking, among other problems. Many bad reviews can also be found online. 

Turntables manufactured by Crosley are inexpensive because their design is of low quality. Crosley’s ceramic cartridges are heavy, so they are more prone to scratching your precious vinyl records. In addition, it is poorly calibrated, which just increases the drag on the vinyl surface.

Are Crosley Record Players good

What are Vinyl Records?

Whether you recognize old-school vinyl records in this digital age is up to you. It appears that they are regaining popularity. If vinyl records are your thing, you probably have a collection covering every shelf in your house.

No matter how you view it, you may not understand exactly how vinyl records work. It’s a bit mysterious. Although it’s an artificial mystery, it’s still a mystery. Are you talking about sound waves? Can you record and play them back? Do you know what this is? If you don’t have the answer to all these questions, don’t worry. Let us help you know what records are. 

How to Store Vinyl Records in a Classy Way

The recordings are commonly referred to as LPs or LP records. Two or three songs can fit on a 7-inch disc, but four or five can fit on a 12-inch disc. Using a record player is not rocket science. It’s more than simply you think. The stylus moves through the grooves of a vinyl record as it is inserted into the record player. Attached to the record arm is a stylus made of an industrial gemstone.

The stylus reads the grooves in the record by generating an electric signal and transfers the signal to the amplifier via the cartridge. You may notice that some record player cartridges use piezoelectricity while others use magnets, but ultimately they both feed signals to the amplifier.


Not everyone is relying on record players nowadays, but many do. We summarize our discussion here with the hope that you are now aware of the benefits and disadvantages of Crosley record players. They are good to buy if we look from a budget perspective. But if we talk about their performance, they are not worth buying. In conclusion, Crosley record players are somehow not a good choice.