How to Make a Turntable Louder – Solving Turntable Low Volume Problem

Initially, vinyl enthusiasts are likely to face a problem with their turntable not producing a loud sound. As soon as you feel you’ve mastered vinyl, you have a blank slate in your hands in the form of a new learning curve. Well, for all those novice vinyl lovers who are confused about How to make a turntable louder, we are here with solutions and tricks to make your turntable sound better.

Keeping in mind that you have just started the journey, we have kept everything straightforward and clear. Additionally, there are recommendations for improving the sound of your turntable, along with reasons for its low volume problem.

Turntables with Low Sound: Possible Reasons

Before jumping to the solutions to make a turntable louder, you need to know the potential reasons for low volume. Most of the time, the main reasons are:

  • You are not using a Pre-amp in your vinyl setup.
  • The cartridge of the turntable is either defective or not properly pressed.
  • You might not have wired everything correctly.
  • You might not have changed the mode from phono to line.
  • Damaged record player, Distorted Record, and Wobbling effect.
  • No built-in preamp in your receiver at all is equal to no sound.
  • The cables are defective.

In a nutshell, the most common reason that you can encounter is the phono preamp. For this, we will discuss how to make a turntable louder in detail from here.

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How to Make a Turntable Louder | Straightforward Solutions

Here are some recommendations to make your turntable sound better if you look for the best solutions.

Role of Phono Preamp in Making Turntable Louder

The phono preamp is the amplification unit that amplifies the cartridge’s small analog signals and converts them to solid signals that are further transferred to the amplifier. Before we go deeper, let’s learn about phono and line signals first. If the phono preamp not loud enough, you need to get a new phono preamp for turntable with better gain and efficiency.

Phono Signal Vs. Line Signal

The main difference between phono and Line signals is the strength. The phono signal is much weaker compared to the Line signal. The line signal is used in CDs, DVDs, and others. On the other hand, the phono signals are of a lower range starting from 0.2 to 0.5mV or a little more.

Preamps Setup

There are mainly three setups of the preamps in your turntable configuration. The first is that it comes as built-in turntables like in the case of Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT. In the second case, you have a separate preamp for the setup. In the third scenario, you have the receiver that has the built-in preamp. 


If you want a louder experience, change your old amplifier to a better and solid one. It will improve the sound quality of your turntable.

Cartridge Role

The main element in processing the analog signal is the cartridge, and there are different cartridges used in the turntables. You need to use the most dependable cartridge to translate the grooves’ music. With the more potent cartridge, it will have a considerable impact.

Getting Better Speakers

If you face the problem of the record player quiet through speaker, you need to get the speakers with efficient sound quality. 

Tonearm Needle and Weights 

Look whether the stylus is pressed correctly or not. If not, go for balancing counterweights and then see the change in the sound.

Upgrade Your Turntable/ Change Records

If you have applied all the methods discussed above for vintage record player low volume, you need to get a better turntable with a built-in preamp and efficient cartridge. 


It is essential to check the preamp setup first when you have the low volume turntable problem, or you can also look at the solutions we have cited. You may face any kind of potential causes, but for your ease, we have got your back here. Try all of these methods, and you will get positive results. Keep listening to quality vintage music.