How to Ground a Turntable | Steps & Everything You Need to Know

In turntablists’ opinion, humming is annoying and completely ruins the music experience. Hysterically, it happens in almost all turntables sooner or later. The most apparent reason is turntable grounding issues. You might wonder what grounding is, why it occurs, and how to ground a turntable? 

If you are the one that wants your music experience to be smooth and noise-free, then you are at the right place. The article will demonstrate how to ground a turntable without hassle, and you will learn about alternatives to the ground wire.

How to Ground a Turntable: Comprehensive Guide 

First, you need to know why grounding the turntable is necessary? When you play some music on a record player, at some point, you start humming or whirring from the speaker- the turntable ground loop primarily causes that sound.

Ground Loop

A voltage difference between the circuits may result from the loop formed by the two circuits sharing the same electric potential and ground.

Ground Wire 

A wire or a channel takes the leakage of the current away. It keeps the extra current retained, not allowing it to preamp or mixer that causes hum.

Steps to Ground Turntable

Isn’t it quite a challenge to remove hum from the turntable altogether? If you want to ground a turntable, then you need to follow the steps to get it done. These steps include: 

Turn the Systems Off

The first step is to turn off the turntable and other connected devices. You will avoid any sharp noises and crackling while connecting wire edges. 

Get a Ground Wire

Find the ground wire; it usually comes with a turntable. If not, you better get one between 18 and 22; mine works at 20 gauge.  

Locate the Ground Screw on Preamp/ Mixer 

You can quickly locate the ground screw on the preamp. And connect the phono ground wire edge to the screw. 

Measure the Distance

The next step is to measure the distance between two devices and drag them closer if the wire gets short. 

Find the GND Screw of the Turntable 

After connecting one edge to the preamp, locate the turntable ground screw. You will find mainly GND screws loose the screw and connect the other side. 

You will be able to join the edges after following these steps, and the humming and noise will disappear, and your turntable will be grounded.

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DIY Turntable Ground Wire

If you don’t have the ground wire and are stuck with the annoying humming, you better go for Turntable Ground Wire Alternative. You may try:

  • Try any insulated wire and test whether it works or not – look for gauge range for better results.
  • Use RCA- they have a third built-in wire to negate humming.

Turntable Ground Wire Alternative

You need to get a wire, connect one end by loose the screw, and connect to the ground screw. After that, connect the other end by untightening the chassis or plinth screw. It will do the job of reducing the humming of the turntable. You may utilize Gaffer’s Tape as a terminal when the mixer does not have a terminal. 

How long can a turntable ground wire be?

In general, ground wires are usually as long as the distance between mixer and turntable. If you place your record player away from the preamp, you must spend a little more to get the 18 to 22 turntable ground wire gauge. You may get between 4 to 8 feet long turntable ground wire for your ease.

Summing Up

When humming or noise disturbs your listening melody, that is where Grounding comes in as a solution. It keeps the noise away, providing another path to unusual currents. We have illustrated steps and alternatives to help you get this done in a breeze. Enjoy Hum-free music!