How to Connect Turntable to Soundbar | All You Need to Know

In recent years, we have seen some unforeseen and astonishing trends in the audio industry, such as a revival of turntables. Now you can have the feel of a classic turntable on the modern soundbars. You’re combining the best of both worlds by Connecting Turntable to Soundbar for listening to your favorite old records.

Anyone who has ever owned vinyl knows how challenging it can be. You need to know how to make your turntable coexist with modern Bluetooth speakers. This article explains how to connect Turntable to Bluetooth speakers using the most straightforward ways.

Connecting Turntables to Soundbar: How are they connected traditionally?

In connecting the soundbar to the turntable, you just need an amplifier to amplify the signals from the record player. A weak signal is transferred to a phono preamp from a record player, which further processes it for transmission to the amplifier. The aux or RCA cables connect the preamp that serves as the intermediate in connecting the turntable and soundbar. 

What is Phono Preamp?

When connecting the record player to the soundbar, the phono preamplifier is one of the central components. The electronic circuit amplifies the weak analog signals from the turntable cartridge to a better level, further processing the amp.

Connecting Turntable to Soundbar Via Phono Preamp

You need to know that, for connecting by Phono Preamp – one of both devices should have a built-in preamp, or you need to buy it separately. 

RCA and AUX 

If you have the preamp in any unit, you may use RCA and Aux to connect the turntable to a soundbar. You need to change the turntable mode to RCA or Aux, marked as Line Switch (phono), then insert the cable in the turntable port. Then, insert the cable into the in port of the soundbar you are good to go. 

Tip: Some modern soundbars don’t have RCA ports- you need to get an RCA Adapter of 3.5mm.

How to connect Bluetooth turntable to Soundbar?

The other method to connect your turntable to the soundbar is through Bluetooth. It is one of the easiest methods to connect these two devices.

  • You need to turn on your soundbar.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode with the remote or button on the soundbar.
  • Turn the Bluetooth mode on the turntable.
  • Pair both devices, and you are there.

Role of Bluetooth Adapter

In the old turntables, you don’t get the Bluetooth function. Here the Bluetooth adapter plays an essential role in connecting Turntable to Bluetooth Speaker. Get an aux cable that you need to insert into the adapter. Turn it on, and it will now convert your analog turntable into the Bluetooth one. In the last, pair it with the soundbar to enjoy your LPs. 

What is the Best Soundbar for Record Player?

If you are looking for the Best Soundbar for Turntable, you may choose Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar. It is one of the best soundbars for playing your record player. It comes with a universal remote. Furthermore, it provides a refined music experience for the listeners. You can easily connect your turntable through Bluetooth, aux, or even the phono preamp method.

Do Soundbars work well with vinyl?

The main benefit soundbars bring is that they are portable and multiuse. Nowadays, these compact technology marvels are just like power speakers, and their performance is outstanding. You can use them with your vinyl as external speakers. You can connect your turntable through Bluetooth and Aux/ RCA methods.

Final Words 

At present, Connecting the turntable to the soundbar is an imperative thing for an audiophile. We have explained everything to make hooking your turntable and soundbar easy and less tricky. Just follow the straightforward steps, and you are there.