How Many Times Can a Vinyl Record Be Played – Approx. Life?

Recently my friend asked me about the vinyl record life, and the exact query was, can vinyl records last forever? I thought that would be an interesting question and that you might be considering it, too. Have you? Even though vinyl lasts a long time, it will eventually wear out. But definitely, must have thought about How many times can a vinyl record be played? 

You will get all the answers to your queries regarding a vinyl record’s life in this article. In addition, we provide you with helpful information about different ways to keep your vinyl intact and increase its life. 

How long can a vinyl record be played before it wears out?

Previously, records were made of Shellac and widely used, and different turntables had thicker needles. However, vinyl came along and replaced them with durability and high-quality sound. 

Vinyl is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride)that has the fine reputation of durability, but with time, everything wears out, so does Vinyl. So, back to the central theme, how often can you play vinyl? Then the more straightforward answer will be 100 times, and with maintenance, it may lead to more than that. 

Different turntables had a different impact on the vinyl. The laser turntable used a laser, like CDs that go only to grooves and then came motor-oriented turntables. The motor spins the platter, and the cartridge needle reads the grooves that wear out the records with time.

I play a twenty-year-old record of The Beatles, and it works fine. Not that much clear as compared to the start, but it is still suitable for my jamming. What makes it last so long with me. The answer is care and preservation of your dearest vinyl records.

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How to take care of vinyl records | Factors to Keep in Mind

Certain factors keep your records safe and unharmed to go for decades. These factors include:

Quality Turntable 

The top-of-the-line turntable is the first and foremost thing that keeps your record intact. You need to use a machine that works breezes and has efficient performance. Don’t use the toy turntables or lower-level ones that can damage your vinyl.

Anti-skating and Counterweights 

The anti-skating force will not let the needle sway on the grooves, damaging it. And counterweights keep the proper balance of the weight or pressure on the record. 

Tip: Tracking Force Gauge will help you find the proper stylus force adjustment.

Balance of the TT 

Is your turntable balanced well? If not, then go for it now and place it at a well-balanced place- or may adjust the feet well to avoid any sort of skating.

Change the Cartridge Needle Often

If you keep changing the needle often, it will help you keep your record intact without any nicks and nudges. Furthermore, it will improve your listening experience.

Get Record Cleaning Kit

Records get dirty, and dust goes to the grooves that decrease sound quality. So, cleaning an anti-static brush and cleaning liquid will do it. It will keep them clean and dirt-free, which increases life. 

Ideal Atmosphere

For better record life, keep it in the proper atmosphere that is not too humid. The heat is also not suitable for records, and it may lead to warping and damage if not placed at the right temperature.

Final Verdict 

If you are still unclear about can you wear out a record, then the answer is yes. The vinyl is a form of plastic, and with diamond needles, dirt and scratching, it does wear out with time. On the other hand, if you take good care of your record, it goes on for decades and grows old with you. In a word, a person who plays twice or thrice a month will be able to play it almost 100 times.