How to Skip Songs on Turntable | How to Change Tracks (Step by Step)

The other day I was listening to Let it be by the Beatles, and then I changed to Don’t let me down, which made me realize just how difficult it can be for newbies and novices to skip songs on a turntable. Isn’t it tricky? 

Every vinyl enthusiast cherishes its records and tries their best to prevent any sort of wearing and damage that skipping songs can bring. What is the proper approach to go about it?

For this reason, a turntablist needs to learn How to Skip Songs on Turntable? To help you handle this issue, I have compiled a step-by-step guide on How to change a song on a record player. Stay connected.

Smooth Song Skipping: How to Do It Properly? 

You need to follow specific steps to properly skip songs on the record player without wearing out your records. These steps will lead you to the smooth skipping of the song.

Determine the Song Number 

The first thing you need to do is decide which song you want to hear. Make sure you sift through the groove and the sleeve to determine your desired song.

How to find a specific song on vinyl

If you are the one that seeks how to pick a song on a record, then you need to look for:

  • You need to look for the song number on the record cover, chiefly called a record sleeve.
  • After that, you need to select the groove number on the record.

Lifting Tonearm from the Record

Lifting tonearm is a critical step, and you need to be vigilant as you can damage the vinyl if you do not follow the proper technique. The cueing lever is the best approach to counter this step.

Tidbit: The cueing lever enables the tonearm to be raised and lowered. 

It is essential to be careful and accurate when using a Cuing lever or by hand to lift and place the tonearm. Without mindful care, you might cause nudges and nicks on the records as the diamond stylus or needle can skip on the record.

Count the Grooves

Once you lift the record player’s tonearm, you must count the grooves to find the desired song. Locate the groove by referring to the sleeve’s number as a guide. Otherwise, you will land on the other groove that increases the unnecessary record spinning on the platter.

Putting the Tonearm on the Record

When you have figured out the right groove, you need to place the tonearm back on the record in that groove. You will be able to skip tracks on the turntable after completing the procedures outlined above.

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Changing Songs on Turntable with Remote

As time went on, remote control turntables came into the scene. The remote helps you play, skip, and change the songs you want by pressing the button. Like today with phone apps, you can easily change and skip the songs that fulfill the auto-return function of the turntable. It is pretty efficient and less stressful, but it does take away the vintage and classic experience turntables bring.


The process of skipping tracks on a turntable is unquestionably tricky and time-consuming. If you are careful and exact, it is possible to skip the song swiftly on the turntable. Following the instructions we have given should be simple enough to complete the process.