Audio Technica Turntable No Sound | How to Crack the No Sound Issue

When you have an Audio Technica Turntable, you need to be ready enough to deal with NO Sound problem. It is not that big issue if you know the basic details to handle No sound problems. Whether it is audio Technica at-lp60 no sound issue or Audio-Technica lp120 no sound problem, you may need to learn how to troubleshoot the turntable’s no sound problem. 

For this reason, we’ll walk you through this process to deal with such types of issues with your turntable. Let’s find out how to deal with such problems on your own.

Steps to Solve the Audio Technica Turntable No Sound Problem

The first step is to identify the root cause of the issue. Several factors can cause this problem, but it is the phono preamp not working most commonly. A phono input has a signal that is too weak or too strong to hear. 

Calibrate Your Turntable

Dealing with Audio-Technica turntable Bluetooth no sound problem; you may need to calibrate it. The phono preamp is not correctly set if your Audio-Technica turntable is unbalanced.  

If audio-Technica not playing through speakers, then check RCA cables. RCA cables are red and white and are usually labeled “Phono.” You’ll need a pair of headphones to connect to the speakers.

Cartridge connection

Another possible reason for your Audio-Technica old record player no sound is that the cartridge is not connected correctly. In this case, you should remove the headshell and try connecting it again. When everything else fails, the cartridge will need to be replaced. If the cartridge replacement is not the answer, you can try other ways to fix the problem. You may also check Solution of Audio Technica LP60 Start Button Not Working

Tip: Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment before continuing.

Check the Ground Wire

If the sound still doesn’t come through, check the ground wire of the tonearm. You should double-check that any power adapter you are using is plugged into the correct ports. If it’s not connected, use tweezers or small pliers to tighten the connection. There is no hum when the sound comes from the Audio Technica turntable. If you’re experiencing a hum, the ground wire is likely the culprit. 

Tonearm Analysis

Before you begin, connect the ground wire securely. If there is no ground wire, the tonearm may be defective. If the tonearm is silent, the tonearm is the concern. The tonearm is grounded if the amplifier is wired to the record player. If the tonearm isn’t correctly aligned, the preamplifier is not receiving signals. 

Replace the Stylus Assembly

Next, check the turntable itself. It should be able to reproduce sound from the records you’ve played. If the turntable doesn’t produce any sound at all, you may need to replace the stylus assembly.


If you’ve checked the phono preamp on your Audio-Technica turntable and there is no sound from turntable, then you may have a defective turntable. Contact your repair agent or manufacturer if you check all the possibilities and haven’t succeeded. Have you learned how to troubleshoot the sound problem of the Audio-Technica turntable?