Turntable Stand IKEA Review | Top-notch and Durable

IKEA Turntable Stands are an excellent option for people with extensive vinyl collections. They are made of solid wood and metal frames and have built-in doors to protect your records and provide a proper place for your Turntable.

As a turntablist, I use IKEA Besta Frame and have had a satisfying experience until now.

For all the audiophiles with an extensive collection of records and keeping their turntables at a suitable place, we provide them our best IKEA stands choices.

Why is IKEA Turntable Stand is a Better Choice?

In addition to being sturdy and durable, they also allow you to store and place your turntables safely away from dust and other debris. IKEA stands are great for both home and professional use. It also offers a wide range of other turntable-related items.

  • IKEA items are durable and withstanding.
  • There is so much variety available on the platform.
  • You can get the best record player stand from IKEA.
  • IKEA does not cut corners when it comes to the quality of its turntables.

IKEA Besta Frame Black & Brown 

One of the most popular IKEA turntable stands that will suit your needs is the Besta Frame shelving unit. The Besta is one of the most widespread choices made up of wood. It comes in two different colors and finishes and is ideal for accommodation of your records and keeping your record in fine shape.

It provides the flexibility to hang it on the wall or place it near it. You can get the most satisfying experience using this IKEA Best Frame. The BESTA hi-fi table and storage combo are ideal for those with limited space. 

It features a center divider moved to the left to make room for records. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, BESTA turntables are highly functional. They are durable but suitable for storing heavy amps and vinyl records.

IKEA record player stand hack involves buying an Ikea record storage box and converting it to a music player stand. 


  • It is easy to clean and has a beautiful design.
  • It comes with feet that keep it intact.


  • You have to buy the rails separately to mount the stand.
Final Verdict  
If you’re looking for larger storage space, better structure, and build quality with flexibility, then IKEA Bestå Record Player Stand is the perfect choice for turntablists.

IKEA MICKE 902.143.08 Desk

The IKEA Desk White is the most simple yet one of the most useful items you can purchase from IKEA. This simple piece of furniture has space for placing a turntable along with the preamp and your external speakers. It serves as a flat platform for your record player. 

Its unique design allows for maximum flexibility, and the IKEA is a perfect option for storing your records. A stylish and functional unit can be used as a DJ workstation, or storage cabinets will help you store your extra wires and records safely. 


  • It can also serve as the IKEA tv stand that makes it adjustable.
  • The cable outlet and compartments keep the wires and extra stuff away.
  • We found it quite spacious.


Final Verdict | Best Spacious and Durable Option
If you are looking for a spacious and wide clean option for your turntable, then this is for you. Its compartments and space make it a pretty considerable choice.