Audio Technica LP60 Start Button Not Working | How to Troubleshoot?

Audio-Technica AT-LP 60  is one of the fully automatic turntables of Audio-Technica, a well-reputed turntable manufacturing company. It brings pretty fascinating turntables for audiophiles. Audio-Technica LP60 works fine, but there are some issues that people constantly face, like the audio Technica start/stop button not working. As a user of Audio-Technica, I have mastered skills to deal with such issues.

I’ll describe the detailed Audio-Technica lp60 troubleshooting to solve the start button issue. Let’s take a proper view of how it works?

What does Start Button Do | Functioning of Start Button

It is essential to understand the function of the start button since it engages the motor or platter and starts the automated operation. This takes only a couple of soft clicks on the START button to begin. 

It merely takes a click on the START button. The tonearm will automatically travel to the first groove after turning on the turntable. After the record is played, the tonearm returns to the tonearm rest, and the turntable automatically shuts off.

Audio-Technica lp60 troubleshooting for Start Button 

If your AT LP60 record player’s start button doesn’t work, there are a few steps you can take for audio-Technica troubleshooting to solve the problem.

  • Audio Technica lp60 no power: The very first and foremost thing is to check whether the power cord is connected to the recorder or not. If it is not connected, then connect it correctly and try again.
  • Lift the base cover and check whether the metal rod that connects it to the button has come loose. You should easily pop it back into place at this point.
  • Change the turntable’s speed, which may help you get back on track.

When you press the button and the tonearm does not move a bit or, in easy words, Audio Technica not turning on. If there is humming, then there are two scenarios:

  • The belt of the turntable might have broken.
  • The audio Technica at-lp60 belt fell off the motor spindle. 
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How to Replace the Belt?

The process for changing the belt is as follows: wrap the belt around the big circle on the bottom of the tray, rotate the tray so the motor spindle is visible, and wrap the belt around the spindle. Replacing the turntable on the center spindle and aligning one of the platters openings with the motor pulley to ensure that it is fully seated. 

You may also check:

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Tonearm Adjustment

If you have this sort of issue when the tonearm moves up or down, then the start button does not operate, and you have to adjust the tonearm properly to get things straight. The cartridge balance also has an impact on the start button.

Blown Fuse

How does the turntable function when it is operated by hand? Does the motor spindle start to revolve when the tonearm is moved away from its rest position? If not, you better take it to the professional, indicating the fuse is blown, and you have to get the new fuse installed to keep it working.


From the fuse to the broken belt, different reasons can cause the button to stop working. You can do audio-Technica troubleshooting for this reason. In addition, you need to keep the Audio-Technica LP60 intact and clean your turntable and records regularly to get the most satisfying music experience and avoid such circumstances. You may also look for the audio Technica lp120 start button not working.