How to Stop Record Player from Skipping When Walking?

Every turntable company goes beyond limits to produce the turntable that minimizes the resonance effect. They utilize servo motors, efficient heavy acrylic platter, shock and sound dampers to nullify the noise to offer their users the best music experience. Still, vibration and skipping persist when you walk. If so, you’re not alone. A variety of factors can cause your vinyl records to skip. 

The vibrations caused by the wooden flooring and the stylus will move up and down in the grooves, and my record player skips when I walk. We’ll discuss the possible reason and ways to fix this issue to stop your turntable from skipping while walking. Is it even possible? 

Factors that Cause turntable Skips When Walking| Feasible Solutions 

When do you ask yourself why is my record skipping while walking? There are several reasons and potential factors that make your vinyl experience inadequate. These are:

Location of the turntable

The main reason for your Turntable to skip while walking is its location. Whether it’s on the floor or a piece of furniture, it will cause it to shuffle the record while you walk. If it’s on a table, you may have uneven floors, which can amplify any minor issues. 

How to solve it?

The best way to fix this problem is to move the player to a different room and play it there.

Uneven Flooring 

If you place the turntable in an uneven and imbalanced place, there will be a considerable chance that your record will start skipping when you walk on the floor.

How to solve it?

If it is on a wall or other sturdy furniture, the needle can be positioned on the wall. Aside from this, it can be positioned on a tripod or a sturdy chair.

Warped Records 

If you’ve tried all the solutions available but still have this problem, you’re not alone. It’s also possible that your records are being warped. It means they’re not flat, and you need to fix the warp. 

How to solve it?

If you find the warping in records, you need to delicately fix the warping and then level it properly to know if it is fixed or not.

Alignment of Cartridges

One possible cause of skipping is improper alignment of the cartridges. The weight will be off-balance, and you will listen to a record skipping sound while walking.

How to solve it?

If you see the alignment issue ensure that the arm is attached correctly, that will keep the cartridge aligned. 

Imbalance Record Player 

Turntables can skip when they’re not level. If they’re on a floor, they’re likely to be off-level. If they’re off-level, speakers and even movement near the Turntable can cause the needle to jump out of grooves, which can result in record skipping. 

Finally, you should also check the dampeners. If the tonearm is out of balance, it can easily skip. 

Final thoughts| How to stabilize a record player?

If the record player has a poor balance, you should adjust the dampeners to compensate. When you walk, make sure the turntable shock absorber are balanced. You can take care of the problem by preventing it from recurring. Adjust the level and balance by the leveler. Keep the floor impact and record player balance in mind while placing your record player at someplace.