Audio Technica AT-LP60 Tonearm Adjustment | Steps to Fix this Issue

As an audiophile, you might have encountered such a situation when your turntable tonearm starts skipping ruins the music experience. In addition, it wears or even destroys your record entirely. I own Audio-Technica AT-LP 160, and it happens often, but I mastered this problem with some hacks and tricks. Here, I’ll describe how to manage the audio Technica at-lp60 skipping and adjusting the tonearm.

The tonearm adjustment of AT-LP 60 is one of the most asked questions. This article will address this issue step by step at-lp60 troubleshooting tonearm in the most practiced way, so keep reading.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Tonearm Adjustment

To adjust your AT-LP60 tonearm, follow the steps below to avoid.

Keep the Cartridge Parallel

Ensure that the cartridge is parallel to the recording surface. If it isn’t, the stylus will constantly be skipping, and you will end up as audio Technica at lp60x tonearm not working. The AT-LP60 automatically positions the tonearm over the lead-in groove and gently lowers it onto the record. 

Adjust the Vertical Tracking Force

First, adjust the vertical tracking force (VTF) to balance the tonearm. The VTF determines the weight of the stylus. If the VTF is too heavy or too light, the bass frequencies will be lost, and the overall sound will be weak. The correct weight is between two and three grams. 

Tip: Always check the manufacturer’s recommended VTF weight. 

Alignment of Tonearm

To correct a problem caused by your tonearm, check the alignment. If the arm is tilted, the tonearm may not drop low enough using the cueing lever. 

Bridge Adjustment Screw

To correct this issue, use the bridge adjustment screw to adjust the bridge’s height. If the tonearm is lowering too fast, the bridge may have an issue. The tonearm adjusts automatically when the cueing lever is pressed. If it isn’t dropping enough, try adjusting the tonearm bridge. If the bridge is too high, it’s a sign that the cueing lever isn’t working correctly. You can turn the lever on and off to adjust the bridge height.

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Adjust Height Manually 

If you have a problem with your tonearm, you can adjust its height manually. You can use the size selector on your AT-LP60 to change the record size. However, some records are harder to handle, so you may have to use a wrench to adjust the tonearm’s height. To avoid the audio Technica arm not moving and return the tonearm to its original position, you must find the proper setting. 

Make Sure Bridge is Dropping or Not

Before you begin, make sure the tonearm bridge is dropping correctly. If you have trouble lowering the bridge, you may have to adjust the bridge tension. You can also check the tonearm’s level using the platter. Then, simply set the tonearm’s height with the cueing lever.

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If the tonearm is too high, you should lower the bridge slightly. If the tonearm is too low, then the counterweight is too low. It should drop slowly, but not too much. If the tonearm is too high, the VTF is too large. It can cause the tonearm to go out of balance. So, it is better to upgrade your turntable if you can not handle this sort of delicate stress.