How to connect your old turntable with the HomePod?

Is it easy for you to connect your old turntable with a new and contemporary HomePod that is part of your HomeKit? The classic HomePod and the HomePod mini have been quite popular in the marketplace. Using its smart speakers, Apple has succeeded in introducing them into millions of households worldwide. Despite this, we continue to struggle with the issue of not listening to our vinyl records. 

Is it Possible?

You could be surprised at how many recordings you have in your collection that you have not had a chance to listen to. You need a wifi enabled record player to listen through homePod, but what about your old turntable. How will you handle this?

Consider all of the options that you could not listen to records or cd player to homePod. Now, thanks to the Homepods, you can listen to the music you love. Connecting your turntable with your Hompods or any other wireless device is now possible by airplay. With the help of airplay, we can give a second chance to our old and favorite music collection. 

Here you will find detailed instructions that will guide you through the process.

Requirements | Can your turntable be connected to Homepods?

You’ll need to make sure your iOS or iPadOS devices have AirPlay-enabled. It means that your old turntable will work with the HomePod. Your favorite music will be available for listening on the go. Unlike the previous models, it is possible to play music wirelessly with the HomePod. 

We can use Homepods as a speaker here, and the requirements for connecting a turntable to Homepods are:

iPod, iPad, or iPhone

Out of these Apple products, or you may use HomeKit turntable, you can use any devices used for airplay with iOS 11.4. Grab one of them, turn on the airplay, and leave it connected because this is not our primary device. 

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Supporting App and iTunes

The supporting app will get the sound from the record player and send it to iTunes, and then iTunes will send it to Homepod. In a word, it is a chain-like networking sort of processing the sound from your record player to Homeopods. You need to have an airplay record player to manage the whole connectivity process.

Connection Cable and Preamp

How many amplifiers, wires, or cables we will need depends upon the machine or equipment you will use. You might need auxiliary audio,  USB, and USB-C. A Bluetooth record player to homePod needs a complete process to reach the finish line.

In a Word

To connect your turntable to the HomePod, you’ll need an RCA adapter to connect your old turntable to the HomePod. After setting up the audio device, you can now listen to your music. Once the music has been synced, you’ll have to play the songs from the HomePod to your iPhone. 

We have tried to tell you the maximum information step by step. Hopefully, now you can listen to music that was your favorite and was in your store.