Turntables to Avoid | Why You Should Avoid these Turntables?

What was your first turntable? Many turntable enthusiasts strive to get the best beginner turntable setup. They usually ended up buying the low-grade turntable that brings issues and problems. These turntables are usually made up of plastic or low-quality material. 

When I started my journey as a turntablist, I made many mistakes that cost me a lot. For this reason, I have developed a list of turntables to avoid, reasoning, and a brief buying guide to get your first best record players with speakers.  

Reasons| Why you Should Stay Away From These Turntables

If you’re planning to buy a turntable for your home audio system, there are a few things to consider. 

Counterweights and Cartridge 

The first reason is the counterweight that can destroy your precious records. The cartridges on these cheap turntables are of poor quality, so you will not get a clear sound experience.

Build Quality

The next feature to look for is quality. Many mass-market turntables are not suitable for audiophiles. They are typically made by Chinese factories and unsuitable for serious audiophiles. 

Tidbit: Most “all-in-one” compact players are not suitable for audiophiles. 

Quick Reasons

  • Make low-quality turntables
  • You can not upgrade these turntables
  • Low performance
  • Inexpensive and budget-friendly
  • They have pop-up lights
  • Shaky bearings
  • pitch adjustments
  • The entry-level turntables with built-in speakers
  • Heavy tracking cartridge
  • The tonearm of low-quality material

Turntables to Avoid At Any Cost 

Despite their low prices, they don’t offer high-quality sound, so you should avoid buying them. Most of these turntables are manufactured in China, including:

  • Leetac
  • Halpin
  • Skywin
  • Denver VPL-120
  • Steepletone
  • Denon DP29F
  • Suitcase Turntables
  • Sony PS-LX310BT 
  • Audio Technica AT-LP60
  • Other brands that are related to Crosley.

Other than these, many brands and beginner-level turntables are cheap and compromise the turntable quality, so avoid buying them.

DJs Oriented Turntables 

The third type of turntables to avoid are those designed for DJs. Although these are cheaper than their more expensive counterparts, they are not suitable for audiophiles. The pop-up lights and noise-producing plinths also compromise the sound quality. 

Avoid Cheap Chinese Turntables 

If you’re an audiophile, you should avoid cheap Chinese turntables. These devices are not made for audiophiles and are often rugged and challenging to repair. They often include:

These types of cheap turntables can damage your records because of their heavy tracking force and poor quality. So, be vigilant before buying these turntables. They are not designed for listening to quality music. 

Fake turntables look real but don’t work the way you expect. The plastic platter is not an ideal material to use to preserve vinyl.

What to Look for in Turntable 

If you want to buy the best budget record player that will last for years, consider these factors:

Checking for certain qualities in a turntable

  • Steady Speed
  • Better Tonearm
  • Right Cartridge 
  • Better heavy platter
  • Wow and flutter
  • USB port
  • Better Build Quality
  • Check the phono output quality as well. 
  • Turntables sound best with a good preamp.

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Final Verdict

If you are a novice and want to explore the musical journey better, you need to get a suitable turntable. You need to be very careful while choosing a turntable, do look for critical features like Cartridge and Build quality. We have provided you thorough guide and turntables to Avoid. 

Keep your eyes open.