Wockoder Record Player Skipping | Leading Reasons and the Solutions

Wockoder Record players bring the classic and vintage vibe with modern world technologies. They produce in-budget record players for vinyl lovers. Usually, if your Wockoder record player is not well balanced, it may cause skipping, leading to two main problems: damaging your records and wearing out your stylus. 

What are the leading causes of Wockoder record player skipping, and how can we fix this issue? We’ll briefly describe the reasons and solutions for your convenience to help you get a pleasant music experience.

Why Does Wockoder Record Player Skipping| How to fix it?

Many people wonder why their record is skipping. It can be caused by:

Dirty Records

The general reason could be dirt in the groove of the record. You can try cleaning it with a record cleaning brush or toothpick. Avoid nudges and nicks by cleaning them carefully.

Is your Record Player placed away from speakers?

If your record players are placed on the same surface or near, it may cause turnable to skip. The reason is the vibrations produced by the sound of the speakers. So keep them separate from each other.

Environmental Factors | Is it placed on the floor?

Some environmental factors like vibrations and footsteps can cause record skipping like you might have thought; why does record player skips when I walk? Avoid placing the turntable on the floor or a piece of heavy furniture. Mount the turntable on a solid wall.

Is your Turntable Level?

Sometimes, it is possible to overcome the record skipping sound by adjusting the turntable’s settings. The needle can be sensitive to vibration, which is why it is necessary to adjust the level of your turntable to avoid the condition. A poorly calibrated turntable will affect the quality of your music and will result in skipping. 

Tip: You may look Wockoder record player manual for a better understanding of balancing turntables.

Pressure on the Needle

Aside from the problems mentioned above, other reasons include insufficient pressure on the arm of the turntable. For instance, the arm of the turntable is loose, and you may see your record player skipping new records. If your Wockoder record player is skipping, it could be the stylus, and you need to get the new one.

The tonearm of the Wockoder Record Player

The problem is most likely a result of the tonearm. The tonearm is what keeps the record in place. But the needle can become stuck in one place and may not track the grooves in a single direction. The needle may also be faulty, so you can try another one until you find one that works for you. 

Warped Records

The most common reason for a record to skip is that the record is slightly warped. You may see vinyl skipping no scratch or record player skipping in same spot; for this, try keeping the record clean and look whether it is warped or not.

Conclusion| Fixing Wockoder Player Skipping

Yes, by following these ways so you can fix the Wockoder Record Player Skipping. The reason could be any; the main thing that you need to keep in mind is the balance or level of the turntable. If it gets disturbed, it may lead to skipping, record warping, or tearing, and even the stylus gets worn.