EP-33 Wireless Turntable with Speakers Review in 2022

When people consider modern equipment, they expect more versatility that saves money. There is always a slight compromise on the quality, mainly when you get two or three prominent technologies or features together. 

EP-33 Wireless Turntable is the product of Urban outfitters that comes with speakers. The turntable is made from a combination of ceramic, plastic, and metal, resulting in an instant modern classic with a streamlined appearance.

Using this turntable will get you to mix emotions from the music experience. We personally used and reviewed this turntable to make your decision straightforward. 

EP-33 Wireless Turntable with Speakers


When we ordered this turntable for review, we were pretty neutral about the technology. We selected the glossy blue from the three options we had; others were( lavender and white). After unboxing, we found its build quality quite average and comes with speakers. We were eager to test the sound quality of this turntable.

The setup of EP-33 was relatively easy as we followed the proper instructions from the manual. After setting up, we did test it with three different records as it is a 3-speed turntable, supporting 33, 45, and 78.  

When it comes to the cartridge and build quality, we found it made of ceramic. We found it less durable and did not provide what we expected. Furthermore, it does not come with anti-skating and counterweights that balance the stylus on the grooves of the records.

Everybody wants speakers for record player so, we connected the Bluetooth and 50-watt speakers to analyze the proper capacity and range of 33 ft. it was pretty acceptable and relatively efficient. It was just ok in the start when it came to sound quality, but when we played for a bit long, it turned out to produce a hum.

Features and Specs at Glance 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: for connecting devices/ phones, tabs
  • Speed of the turntable: it comes as a 3-speed turntable, 33 1/3, 45, and 78rpm
  • Cartridge: it comes with Ceramic Cartridge.
  • Wireless Range: its range goes to 33ft 
  • Speakers: it comes with 50-watt speakers for a better music experience
  • Material: it comes in Ceramic, Plastic, Metal
  • Dimensions: 17 x 12.75 x 11.5
  • Weight: 19 lbs


  • We found its sleek design intriguing.
  • Setup was straightforward with this turntable.
  • Bluetooth technology brings ease, and the range is reasonable.
  • Speakers give an extra touch of loudness that enhances the music experience.


  • It does not come with anti-skating that causes your records to wear out.
  • The ceramic cartridge is not efficient and durable.
  • I hear the slight or faint buzz and hum sound in speakers.

Final Verdict| Ideal for On-budget Beginners 

One thing you need to make clear is that: Quality comes at a price. The Ep-33 wireless turntable has the satisfying feature of Bluetooth, and the 33ft range is pretty reasonable. Its build quality is not that durable like high-end or other same category turntables. We have provided you with a realistic review of it with its pros and cons that will definitely help you to make an informed decision.