Speakers on Same Surface as Turntable | What is the Right Way?

Most of the time, people don’t have enough space to place both speakers and the turntable separately. So, they place them at the same place then later complain about the skipping and even wobbling effect. So, how do you go about it? 

Let me guide you to thoroughly understand the impact of vibrations on sound quality and stylus life and to answer your queries like How far should turntable be from amp? Putting speakers on the same surface as your turntable will not create the same sound quality as placing them on a separate surface. For optimal sound quality, you will want to keep your speakers at least three feet away from the wall, depending on how you listen.

Consequences and Guidelines to Place Speakers and Turntable

Following are some guidelines to follow when placing speakers near a turntable. 

Optimum Distance between Turntable and Speakers

You need to place these devices about two and a half meters away. You should also place the turntable and the speakers at least six feet apart. It is a good idea to place subwoofers at least 30 cm away from corners.

Tip: The speakers should be placed at the same height as your ears to optimize the listening experience.

Interfere the Sound Quality 

Put speakers away from the turntable. Putting the speakers on the same surface can interfere with the sound quality produced by the record player. It is also not proper to place your record player on the floor. Instead, keep it at the optimum distance. 

Cause the Skipping 

It may cause skips and acoustic feedback, which is scary for audiophiles. The stylus picks up vibrations from the vinyl and creates a loop. By placing speakers on the same surface as the turntable, you will be limiting the ability of the record player to produce high-quality music. It is better to isolating turntable from speakers.

Leads to Vibrations

Though it may look attractive and save space, placing the speakers on the same surface can lead to vibrations that may affect the sound of your record player. Don’t place your turntable on top of amp; that is the worst you can do.

Tip: Consequently, placing your turntable on a small shelf is advisable, while the speakers should be placed on wall brackets. 

You can always move them to a better location as needed, but make sure they do not affect the turntable’s performance.

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The right way to Place Speakers and Turntables 

To avoid vibrations, you must place the speakers at a distance of 2.2 meters from the turntable. A good rule of thumb is to place the speakers on the same surface as the turntable and ensure that they are not too close to each other. People place the turntable on top of subwoofer, which leads to more damage and vibrations with distorted music quality.

In addition to this, you should put the speakers on different surfaces if you want to hear high-quality music. For example, if the speakers are close to the turntable, ensure they are on a separate surface and don’t have their grills.

Note: If you want to use a subwoofer in the turntable setup in bedroom, place the speaker at least 30 cm from the room’s corners. 

Final Verdict 

The music experience is everything when you talk about Vinyl as an audiophile. If you place the speaker and turntable on the same, there are specific issues that you can encounter in the form of skipping, vibrations, and even record loss. So, keep the optimum distance or buy separate speaker stands to get a better music experience.