Do Turntables Use A Lot Of Electricity | Debunking Myths?

Gone were the days when you needed to make a mechanical effort for the record player to enjoy your favorite music, like in the Hand Crank record player. It’s now just a matter of seconds playing your favorite records on the electric-powered turntable. Will this quick electric turntable burden your wallet with the amount of electricity it consumes? Or it is just a fable that Turntables Use a lot of Electricity. 

This article will discuss the turntables’ electricity usage and help you know more about turntables functioning. What is your take on this – Do turntables use a lot of Electricity? Well, let’s uncover this.

How does Electric Turntable Work?

When it comes to the electric turntable, certain parts work in the sequence to produce the music. After placing a vinyl record on the platter, the motor rotates the platter. The stylus – A diamond needle that runs over the groove to read the encoded content in the form of vibrations. 

After that, it moves to the cartridge that converts these signals to the electric signal. In the next step, the electric signal from the tonearm is shifted to the pre-amp of the turntable. Mostly comes built-in the turntables but is used separately too. 

The pre-amp further clears the electric signals to improve the quality and then processes it to the amplifier. The amplifier then produces the loud and clear sound that you enjoy in the speakers. 

The whole procedure requires electricity as it includes an electric signal that answers why there is a need to use electricity in the turntable. In a word, the turntables directly or indirectly use electricity.

Classification Concerning Electricity 

When it comes to different turntables classification concerning electricity, the turntables are usually comprised of Electric Turntable, Non Electric Record Player, and portable record player/ Batteried Turntable in general. Nowadays, solar energy-oriented turntables are in the market.

What is the average electricity consumption of a turntable?

The use of electricity is necessary for turntables as modern turntables are refined and easy to use. It brings convenience while using not much of the electricity. It usually ranges between 10 to 15 w,  but it depends on the stereo system. If you are using powerful external speakers, it may increase electric use.

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Do record players need to be plugged in?

Consumer electronics have transformed everyday life. Portable record players do not require plugging into the wall socket in this scenario. They usually come with rechargeable batteries. In addition, the old gramophone or phonograph does not need to be plugged as they were hand-driven.

On the other hand, the electric record players need to be plugged in to function. The electric record players are undoubtedly more efficient and are used more often.

Do old record players need electricity?

No, the old record players do not need electricity. They work on the mechanical system of the hand crank. The needle on the groove reads the groove and vibrations from the diaphragm while rotating the tinfoil cylinder in a hand crank system. The whole process does not require any electricity.

Final Thoughts

Modern turntables are efficient and produce excellent sound quality with almost no vibrations. Different electric turntables usually consume from 1w to 12w and vary with advanced systems. You need to calculate your usage, electric specifications, and electricity cost at your place for better understanding before choosing one.