Pioneer plx 500 vs 1000 – Know the Difference

Pioneer plx-500 and Pioneer plx 1000 both are suitable devices. But there are slight differences between both of them. We will discuss the features of these two turntables and compare them so that you can easily distinguish between them. 

Features of Pioneer plx 1000

Pioneer PLX-1000 is a turntable having features of personal listening and other live concerts. In addition to a direct-drive motor with high torque, the table features a classic layout. Motors with high torque can reach rotational speeds of 33 1/3 rpm in 0.3 seconds and have a torque of at least 4.5 kg/cm.

For stable playback, the unit’s base is backed with a 9mm dense vibration creating stuff. Rubber insulation on the tonearm reduces howling effects, and the RCA jacks are gold-plated to minimize impedance and improve sound quality. 

Turntables feature removable power and audio cables for convenience and durability to prevent failure due to faulty wires. The turntable is secured to the DJ booth with an integrated Kensington lock.

You will receive a turntable sheet, a slipmat, a dust cover, a headshell, a balance weight, sub weight, shell weight, an adapter for EP records, a power cable, a stereo RCA audio cable, and a grounding wire.

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Features of Pioneer plx-500

Pioneer plx-500 is similar to Pioneer plx 1000, but it has rescued the deficiencies present in the  Pioneer plx 1000. In one second, the platter pickup can go from thirty-three and a third to thirty-three and a third. Top-end turntablists will feel hard compared to the PLX-1000’s 0.3 seconds, but 99% of the market will be more than happy with that performance.

You have to use your ‘slowing down the deck’ finger more lightly on the 500’s platter since it’s less solid than the 1210’s – but once you’ve mastered it, it’s plain sailing. The deck features plus and minus controls for the slow/fast tempo, 33, 45, and 78 RPM options, and a USB-out port, so you can digitize your vinyl for use on other devices or use Pioneer’s record box DJ software.

Apart from the predictable quibbles, the PLX-500 is an excellent deck – perhaps the best under 300 bucks. This is the perfect option for turntablists who don’t want to break the bank.


We are going to conclude our discussion here. Although it is not an easy task to pick up one record player from both of these, we have concluded that Pioneer plx 1000 is better than Pioneer plx-500. You can also determine this by looking at the features and working of both these products. 


Is the Pioneer PLX-500 any good?

This deck is one of the best under 300 smackers out there, arguably the best of its kind. It’s an excellent option to use for anyone.

Is Pioneer PLX-500 good for scratching?

A proper direct-drive DJ deck and not just a USB turntable, the PLX-500 is a high-torque, high-resolution turntable. You can mix and scratch with it and not just play records.

How does a pioneer record player work?

During playback of a record, the stylus tip pulls toward the inner perimeter. When this dial is matched to the stylus pressure value, this power is eliminated. This dial is used to adjust the stylus pressure to compare the cartridge.