Best Audio Settings for Vizio 5.1 Soundbar

Vizio soundbar features various audio settings and enhancements to provide the sound that you love. 

You can change the audio settings according to the track you are listening to, as while watching the movie, the surrounding sound settings are preferred.

Vizo provides a list of sound modes, and you can control the bass, treble, and noise manually. 

Here you will know the best audio settings for Vizio 5.1 soundbar that will change the scenario, especially if you are a streamer. 

Audio Settings for Vizio 5.1 Soundbar

Vizio 5.1 Soundbar features multiple modes to process the sound according to the particular theme. The specific settings for music, movie and other content allow reaching the maximum performance of the soundbar. You can change them according to place too as for hall or room. 

These are the settings that you should make sure of if you want room-filling sound. 

  • Your soundbar is enough to produce HD audio so make sure to turn off TV speakers. While watching serials, the TV speakers will surely ruin your experience if on with the soundbar.
  • Another debatable thing might be the TruVolume Settings. Some of the best soundbars also provide TruVolume features that help in some ways. When you switch this feature, you get the appropriate sound with the movie you’re watching. It automatically detects the sound explosions and down the volume.
  • Everyone wants sound clarity, especially while watching the movies. Too much bass and treble may disrupt the sound, which will reduce clarity. Also, don’t enhance the transparency too much because it will make the sound muddy. However, keep a moderated balance between bass and treble. 
  • We also prefer to have direct sound instead of adjusting the equalizer. While watching the movies, turning off the equalizer settings will be more effective in producing surrounding sound.
  • If you have options in soundbar sizes, we suggest getting a larger one because it will provide you room-filling sound. 

These are fewer settings but can be effective in processing high-quality sound. 

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Best Input Option for HD Audio

Make sure to use the HDMI Arc when you connect the Vizo soundbar to Samsung TV because it can carry high-quality formats than the other cable options on your device. 

Make sure that the HDMI port and jack are clean, then connect them firmly. However, if your HDMI port is not working, Bluetooth is the best option to connect it. 

Recommend Vizo TV Audio Settings

If you are facing clarity issues or muddy sound, then you can apply the following settings.

  • Go to Menu > Audio > Surround Sound and make sure it has set to off.
  • Set off the sound leveling from Menu > Audio > Volume Leveling.
  • Also, make sure that the audio is precisely balanced; go to Menu > Audio > Balance.
  • Go to the Menu > Audio > Lip Sync and match the display audio with the track.
  • Set the digital audio out to PCM from settings.
  • From the menu, go to Analog Audio Out and set it to fix. 
  • If you don’t know the equalizer settings, then set it to default. 

Note: The menu might not be the same, so take a look at the TV settings to locate them. 

Wrapping Up

Some of the best soundbars available on the market feature exclusive settings and modes to provide you room-filling sound. You can change these settings according to the track you are playing and the movie you are watching. 

We recommend these settings, especially if you are fond of streaming. The menu might be changed in your device’s model, so we suggest taking a look through the menu first