Heyday Turntable Review in 2022

Heyday Turntable lets you listen to your favorite current or old-school vinyl wirelessly over a Bluetooth speaker while letting you play your favorite current or old-school vinyl. You can even adjust the anti-skate control and pre-amp on the two-speed turntable to get the best listening experience. Are you ready? It’s time to brighten your day. So don’t be afraid of expressing yourself, and let your style speak volumes.

Let’s give an honest and fact-based Heyday turntable review to you. We will share everything about this product. By the end of this review, you will have enough knowledge about Heyday TURNTABLE, and it will be easy for you to decide on purchasing one for you.  

It is not wrong that Heyday turntables are budget-friendly. But the question arises here, whether they are working well? Is their performance up to mark? Is it worth buying? Luckily, you will get answers to all these queries in our review. 

With features that surpass its price point, this is a terrific turntable. This model features a balanced J tonearm, anti-skating, damped cueing, aluminum platter, audio Technica cartridge, and Bluetooth for wireless streaming.

Heyday Turntable Features

There is nothing better than a good-sounding turntable at a great price! There is too much play in the tonearm bearing, and the gold accents are somewhat cheesy. Although there are a few minor issues, it is easy to set up and works well. This is one of the best entry-level turntables that can be upgraded with a better cartridge and platter mat by paying just a little extra.

Let’s have a look at its features in-depth.

  • Well-Constructed

In terms of construction, the Heyday turntable is a good choice.  It is made mainly of plastic, but it does have some weight to it. In particular, the cover is heavy. There are no built-in cables like other turntables, and the arm and knobs feel sturdy. Although the RCA cable included is pretty thin, it might be worth upgrading later on. There is a felt mat included. 

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  • Connectivity

There is a good range for Bluetooth. The range is about the same as the HTC 10. There is a turntable at one end of our testing place, about 1800 square feet and reasonably rectangular. You can tell right away that it’s better than other similar-priced devices with its built-in preamp. Even though the AT white stylus is the same as others, the line out voltage is almost double. 

Because of peak voltages, there is also some clipping. CFW2 allows us to walk anywhere in that area. Due to the electrical panel being between two spots, there is only one spot with a cut-out. The sound is alright. It still sounds like bad records with static. Furthermore, the stage is not as wide as a line out to a headphone amplifier. There is no way to determine what codec it uses.

Final Words

Investing in this turntable as a starting point will enable you to upgrade it later. While nothing stands out, you can easily replace anything you don’t like. Overall, we can say it is a good choice for those who have a tight budget but are looking for well-working turntables. 


Does the heyday turntable have a counterweight?

A Heyday does have anti-skates and a counterweight.

What stylus does the heyday turntable use?

The Heyday turntable uses an ATN3600L stylus. And it is a replaceable stylus. 

Will cheap turntable damage your records?

There is no doubt that they can. The stylus on some cheaper turntables might only last 40 hours and may damage your records.