How to connect Vizio soundbar to TV

Vizio is a well-reputed American Company that sells and designs electronic devices like television and soundbars. It also tries to develop the latest and innovative technology regarding such electronic devices and delivers them in the best possible manner. When talking about Vizio soundbars, they are undoubtedly a great invention in terms of sound and all other contents. All the tested soundbars have a great sound, and they are eco-friendly. People love to buy soundbars to get thrilling at their homes. But what happens with most people is that they become unaware of the latest technology, and they don’t know how to connect Vizio soundbar to TV ?

So here are some quick start guides to understand how to connect Vizio soundbar to your television:

  • Use a SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital interface)
  • Use RCA Cable
  • Use HDMI cable
  • Use Bluetooth

Use a SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital interface):

Through this channel, we can use a digital interface for connecting the soundbar to the TV. First, unpack the Vizio soundbar; it would be covered with a protective plastic sheet. Remove that cover on each end of your fibre cable and make the right connection.

Connect one end of the cable on the back part of your TV and the other with the soundbar. Select the correct input method and use the soundbar remote to press the menu key. Then select audio settings and toggle the TV speaker setting with your remote to switch between two different options like on and off. The last thing is to change the digital audio menu by using your remote to switch to a different setting.

Use RCA cable

This cable is used to connect various electronic devices. It is derived from a company named Radio Corporation of America. You have to take out your soundbar device, then find the red and white cable to set up a sound connection. Connect both the red and white connectors with Tv. Connect another end of the cable to red and white “Audio in” to develop a sound connection.

The soundbar switch mode should be on. Then select AUX cable, i.e.: (Audio equipment that receives sound sources like audio speakers) by pressing the input button. Then press the menu key to open the Vizio menu. After this, select audio to open audio settings. In audio settings, you will find a TV speaker option. Press that button to turn off the TV speaker option to prevent echo effect from multiple sound devices.

Use HDMI cable

The easiest and effective way to connect the soundbar to TV is using an HDMI cable. Take out your soundbar. Then connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the soundbar and connect the other end of the HDMI cable on the back of your TV. Make sure that your soundbar is attached to the plug. Then select HDMI as the input method from your remote to connect to the TV.

Use Bluetooth

In this method, you have to press the Bluetooth pairing mode from your remote. First, you have to press the menu and then find out the Bluetooth pair option in your setting. Then press the Bluetooth audio and turn it on. It would connect to Bluetooth audio devices. Turn your Vizio soundbar device, and it would connect to the TV.

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