The Vizio Sound Bar Bass Too Loud [Solution]

Too much or too low bass can ruin your sound experience. Sometimes we equalize the sound with the track or movie that we are watching. But the bass is not always a good thing to listen to. 

Many times Vizio soundbars render too loud bass when the surrounding feature is one. You can simply disable the feature to fix the issue. 

However, there is not only a single cause of too loud bass, audio fluctuation, or corrupt settings can also cause it. 

Therefore today’s article has covered the best solutions for too loud bass in the soundbar. You will be fixing it after going through it. 

Methods to Avoid Loud Bass

As I described earlier, we like to have different equalization in sound with different tracks. Many of us use sound surrounding features while watching movies. By turning it on, the bass automatically directs toward one side and then the other. You can do audio settings according to the soundbar model. As audio settings for Vizio 5.1 soundbar are different than its 2.1 model. 

To resolve the issue, turn off the surrounding sound; it will clear you if it causes an issue with the bass or not. 

Here are steps to follow to turn off the surrounding sound.

  • Navigate to the menu.
  • Go to the audio settings.
  • Navigate to Surrounding sound.
  • Turn it off.

It will resolve the issue if the surrounding feature is causing an issue with loud bass. If the problem is resolved, you have finished, but if you are still facing the same sound interruption, you can upgrade the firmware. 

Upgrading the sound firmware might resolve the issue. Reset the settings of Vizio soundbar. It will wipe out all the costume settings. 

  • Press and hold the input and Bluetooth buttons until the soundbar restarts. 
  • Now press and hold the input and volume down button; it will restart again.
  • If it doesn’t restart, press and hold the input and volume up key until it restarts. 

After the soundbar restarts again, it will be reset automatically. 

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Get Rid of Audio Fluctuation

If your TV is disrupting the sound and you face a background noise issue or too quiet voices, then this remedy may help you get rid of it. Turn the DTS TruSurrounding settings off from the menu following the steps. 

  •  Go to the menuand then to the audio settings. 
  • Find the Surrounding Sound option and turn off it using arrow keys. 

Also, turn off the DTS TruVolume by following steps. 

  • Press the menu button on the remote and go to settings. 
  • Navigate to Audio settings from options. 
  • Find the Audio Leveling option and turn it off. 

Take Care of these Things

  • The soundbar is designed to provide you room-filling sound, and you should use it in a spacious room. 
  • You can resolve many issues regarding the soundbar by resetting its settings. It will wipe out all custom settings.
  • You can solve significant issues by turning off the soundbar for a few minutes. 
  • Always keep the firmware up-to-date; it will resolve all the issues you are facing in previous models. 

Wrapping Up

Soundbars are designed to process high-quality sound that TV speakers don’t give. Many users face issues regarding it. You can resolve even major soundbar problems by turning it off for minutes.

The old version of the software also can cause a Vizio soundbar bass to be too loud, and you can get rid of it by upgrading the firmware. If you are still facing the same issue, then we recommend resetting it.