How to Turn ON Sony Soundbar without Remote

If you have lost the Sony Soundbar remote, do not worry because you can still turn it on. Sony does not feature a power button with most sound systems which is not a good thing. 

However, you can get rid of this problem. All you need to do is sync your soundbar with the TV remote. 

Alternatively, you have to find the power button, and it might be available on your model. If it’s absent, then the remote replacement is the last option. 

Here you will know the possible ways to turn on and control your Sony soundbar without the original remote. 

1.     Sync Your Soundbar with TV Remote

If you use an HDMI ARC connection to attach your soundbar with the TV, you can easily Sync your soundbar with the TV remote. It is also known as Bravia Sync in Sony equipment. If you want to sync the soundbar with the TV remote, then follow the given steps. 

  • Check the HDMI cable is connected firmly to both devices. 
  • Enable the control for HDMI in the soundbar and TV.
  • Go to the menu > HDMI Device Selection and select your soundbar.

Controls You Get From TV Remote

After syncing your soundbar with the TV remote, you can turn it on and even can control its many features. You can access the following controls. 

  • Turn soundbar ON and off.
  • Increase or decrease the volume.
  • Navigate the menu.
  • Control playback options.

These are the basic controls that you get from the TV remote after syncing it. It is only possible if you have enabled HDMI access from the soundbar settings. Go to the settings on the Sony soundbar and Turn on the control for HDMI.

2.     Find the Power Button

The alternative way to on the soundbar is the power button absent in many soundbars by Sony. 

Check if your soundbar has a power button. It’s has located on the right end of the bar. You can get help from its user manual.

If your model does not have a power button, then you cannot turn it on this way. 

3.     Replace the Remote

As I described earlier, the power button is absent in many Sony soundbar models, so you have to buy a remote to turn it on. 

If you want to buy the remote of your soundbar, then you can check its availability on Sony Authorized Parts Distributors

4.     Sony Support Center

If you are still confused about your soundbar, you can contact Sony support to know about your model. You can ask for a power button, an alternative way to power on, or the availability of a remote for your specific model. 

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Wrapping Up

If you have a Sony soundbar in which the power button is absent, you can still power it. If you are using it with your Smart TV, we recommend syncing it with the TV remote. 

With the Bravia Sync, you can control both devices with one remote. However, to enable it, you still need a soundbar remote. 

Furthermore, if the soundbar has no power button, we recommend buying a remote without wasting time.