Vizio Sound Bar Turning ON/OFF By itself [SOLUTION]

Many soundbars support the auto standby function that allows it to turn on/off automatically. You can program a remote to control the soundbar and TV at the same time. 

These features are helpful for a while, but later one starts displacing the device’s performance as many users found the Vizio soundbar turning on/off itself. 

If you are facing the same issue with your soundbar, you are at the right place for the solution. After going through the article, you will be able to resolve the problem on your own. 

Solutions that Worked for Many People

Following are the solutions using which many people resolved the auto turn on/off issue. 

Reset Settings

Mostly, it happens due to corrupt settings programmed by users. Reset settings of Vizio soundbar wipe out all the custom settings. Reset your soundbar by following easy steps. 

  • Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. 
  • All lights will flash three times. 
  • After fleshing the lights, your soundbar will restart automatically. 
    • You have reset the settings successfully. 

Try Changing ECO Settings 

If you sync your TV with a soundbar and use the same remote to control both devices, we recommend changing the ECO settings. ECO settings allow you to program the remote to control the soundbar and TV at the same time. 

The soundbar automatically turns off when it does not find audio input signals. 

Update Firmware

If you have been using the Vizio soundbar for a long time and haven’t updated the Firmware, we recommend updating it. Go to the settings and update the firmware. You can get help from the Vizio official website regarding the firmware of your specific soundbar model. 

Replace the Remote

If you have lost the genuine remote of the Vizio soundbar and using a local one to control all its features, been then it might be the reason for automatically turning on/off your external sound system.

Order the original remote and try using it. It might solve your issue. Go to the Vizio official website to check the availability of the products for your specific model. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I leave my Vizio soundbar on at all times?

You should not leave the soundbar on at all times. It could get overheated and damage the essential components on the circuit. In many cases, it posed a fire, so we recommend keeping it off when you are not using it. Furthermore, it also causes unnecessary utilization of power and energy.

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Should I turn on my TV Speakers with a soundbar?

The soundbar is enough to process exceptional quality sound. If you are using it with a smart TV, then we recommend turning off its speakers. It disrupts the sound and causes a waste of energy. 

Wrapping Up

If your soundbar is turning on and off automatically, then try resetting it. It will default all your settings and might solve your issue. It mainly occurs when you program the same remote for the soundbar and TV. 

If you have lost the soundbar’s original remote, then you should buy an original one. If there is a remote issue, it might solve the problem.