Vizio Sound Bar Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out [Solution]

Do you have an old soundbar and it is cutting out every 2 seconds? Or even you have a new soundbar with subwoofers but still facing the same issue. 

Don’t worry, and we are here to help you with the best solution to the problem. You can fix it on your own.  

Vizio is the best-known soundbar company and has introduced new technology in soundbars and subwoofers. Its soundbars are considered more reliable and affordable than other competitive brands like Samsung, JBL, and Sony.

But the pain point is, its soundbars keep cutting out the connection over time, though working continuously. The scenario might occur when you connect the Vizio soundbar to Samsung TV.

Here is the complete guide on why the Vizio soundbar subwoofer keeps cutting out and how do you fix it?

Why does the problem occur?

There are many reasons why the Vizio soundbar starts cutting out. It might be with the old or new subwoofer.

The most common reason is the wired or Bluetooth connection that can cause a lack of power. If you are using an HDMI cable check its jacks are connected firmly. 

Mostly the problem occurs with the old or defective soundbars. You will feel, they have become hotter than before. 

Lack of signals is also a reason for cutting out. However, here are a few tips that you can use to fix the issue.

Quick Solution to the Problem 

  • Turn off the soundbar and unplug the power cord.
  • Keep the subwoofer connected.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. 
  • There will be a green light flashing to confirm the rest.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds and turn on the soundbar.
  • Now pair your device and check if the problem is solved.

Sometimes, corrupted soundbar settings also cause an interruption in sound so that you can reset your device. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, then you can follow the given tips. 

The Best Solution Worked for Many People

Here are a few valuable tips that worked for many people with old and new soundbars. You can follow and apply one by one. 

  1. Source of Device

Checking the device’s source will ensure an issue with the soundbar, not the machine. Let’s suppose if the Vizio soundbar only starts cutting out when you watch Blu-ray movies, then it’s confirmed that there is an issue with your device, not with the soundbars. 

  • Connectivity Issue

Sometimes, the connectivity issues also drop the sound. Make sure that your soundbar is in range if you have connected wirelessly. We suggest moving it closer to the device because it will improve the signal strength.

Sometimes, the RF rays also cause issues with audio equipment. If you have a router, cell phone, or any other wireless device placed near the soundbar, we recommend moving it away. 

Your wireless devices should be at least 8 feet away from the soundbar. However, 20 feet away distance is suggested most. 

If you have a small media room and cannot move the devices away, you can use Aluminum foil around the soundbar side of the wi-fi or router. 

The reason why wireless interference occurs is, many devices use 2.4 GHz frequencies that cause sound interruption.

  • Disable Auto Channel Switching from Router

If your soundbar uses Wi-Fi, channel switching can be vital to you. At 2.4 GHz frequency, the router has 11 channels, and at 5 GHz, it has 45 tracks. 

You have to manually configure the channels if your router channel switching is on auto. According to our experience, you can precisely set the channels from 11 to 161 to fix the interruption. 

However, if you cannot do this yourself, you can connect to ISP for assistance. 

  • Auto Power On Feature

Auto power on feature turns on the subwoofers when it detects signals by LFE. It is a quiet power-saving feature but has a disadvantage as well. 

It can cause the sub to drop the signal if the strength is not strong enough. However, the Auto Power On feature allows a sub to On only when it gets calls by LFE. It means when the A/V receiver has turned on, your sub is not going to turn on with it.

  • Proximity and Alignment

Keep fair proximity between your devices. It simply means that your soundbar and subwoofer should be in a good range to get the signals well. 

However, the alignment works too. Change the alignment in parallel or perpendicular from horizontal, and it may fix your issue. 

  • Try Resetting the Soundbar

Many times the corrupted setting also causes cutting out. Rest your device, and it changes the settings to default and fixes any setting issue. 

  • Update the Firmware 

Outdated firmware can cause the soundbar to stop working. Check for the updates if available. You can get help from the user manual. 

  • Contact Vizio Support

After following the above tips, if your soundbar still has the same issue, you can contact Vizio Support. They will guide you better according to the model of your device. Explain them deeply to know their expert’s guide. 

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If you want to connect the Vizio soundbar to your Samsung TV, we highly recommend using the HDMI connection. AUX or RCA cables are suitable to connect your devices but cannot carry high-resolution formats like the HDMI Arc. It can transfer standard-definition, high-definition, and Ultra HD video/audio signals that are effective if you are fond of streaming. 

Wrapping Up

There might be several reasons if you are facing interruption issues even with your new Vizio Soundbar.

For the most common reasons, signal interference is a problem that mainly occurs in small rooms. If you have a small media room and cannot move your wireless devices away from the soundbar, then make sure to use the aluminum foil around it. 

However, if it starts cutting out precisely when you watch Blu-ray movies, there is no issue with your soundbar. Check your TV or device where you are streaming.