How to Stop a Record from Wobbling [Working Method]

If you are facing a wobbling problem in your record, you may be looking for ways to know how to stop a record from wobbling. Luckily, you have reached the right place. We are here to assist you in overcoming this issue. Aluminum and acrylic makeup record players, so there should be little to no vertical movement in the platter. Trying these methods will help you find the source if it seems more than expected.

Why does wobbling happen in records?

Turntables on record players are not designed to wobble in any way. But most players swing to some extent. You don’t have to worry about the wobble as long as it doesn’t make your record jump or skip.  

Turntables with visible wobble are ordinary on garbage machines, but quality machines have zero wobbles. Too many people don’t seem to understand why their records are wobbling when they have a problem. A poorly constructed record player or a warped spindle are some of the more common causes.

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How to stop a record from wobbling?

Here are a few steps that you can follow to stop your record from wobbling. 

  • Disconnect the spindle from the platter.
  • Verify that there is no debris or dust between the turntable and the platter mount.
  • On both the turntable and the surface it is placed on, use a level. The turntable may appear to wobble if it is not level.
  • You can avoid this by making sure the acrylic platter is tight against the bushing. If the platter is loose, tighten it with a 7/8″ socket.
  • If the platter wobbles when placed on a flat surface, it may indicate it is warped, as unlikely as that is.
  • You can try another record to ensure that the record is not warped if everything else has worked so far.

Final Thoughts

You can ask us about the wobble in the comments if these steps don’t resolve it. You will be able to ask for help and see what options are available. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying your records!

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Why is my record wobbling?

The record player could be poorly made, or the spindle may be warped, as these are some of the most common causes. What’s the purpose of wobbling records? Turntables are not designed to wobble at all in record players. In reality, however, most players will have a certain amount of wobbling.

Is it normal for a turntable to wobble?

Due to some warping in vinyl discs, it is widespread to see the tonearm move up and down when playing a record. However, if you are not experiencing any skipping, that should not be an issue.

How do you fix a jumpy record?

Once the record has been dusted, try playing it. Occasionally, the dirt on the record is on the outside, and a simple dusting will stop the skipping. For a deeper clean, use a record cleaning product and a soft cloth or record cleaning brush if the skipping continues.

How do you Unwarp a record?

It is best to have your oven at room temperature or a little warmer. Insert the record into the range sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Allow it to bake for about a minute or two. You may need to set a timer to ensure it bakes appropriately.

Is vinyl supposed to crackle?

Crackling is not supposed to be present in vinyl records. A crackle in the sound is typical for vinyl records the first time they are played. You should address the issue if you are experiencing crackling in your records that have never been there before.