Stanton STR8-150 Review | Exclusive Turntable for DJs


The turntable industry has also evolved from traditional to the current direct-driven turntables. In this circumstance, innovation and creativity refer to the Stanton STR8-new 150’s features in harmony with modern standards and requirements. My first …

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Best Turntable Under 400 to Look for in 2022

Best Turntable Under 400

Vinyl (records) were long gone, and now they are back again. Different companies are more into this by producing cheap turntables. Music fans and enthusiasts of all ages are discovering vinyl again. I remember we …

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Best Turntable Under 300 to Buy in 2022

Best Turntable Under 300

Music never dies, the albums made in the last century are being played today, and people are enjoying them. Those records are so dear to the owners as they have sentiments connected with them. They …

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