Stanton STR8-150 Review | Exclusive Turntable for DJs

The turntable industry has also evolved from traditional to the current direct-driven turntables. In this circumstance, innovation and creativity refer to the Stanton STR8-new 150’s features in harmony with modern standards and requirements.

My first impression about this turntable comprised in one word, “Innovative,” when I unboxed it. It is well-made and quite a choice for amateur turntablists.

Stanton STR8-150 Review

While examining the STR8-150, I discovered a cutting-edge direct turntable that complies with all digital features. My opinion on it is summarized here.

Speed of the Turntable

The STR8 record player can play records at speeds of 33, 45, and 78rpm. DJs like to work in this speed range since it allows them to work faster.

Break Control System

The STR8 is equipped with brake controls that allow you to adjust the platter’s speed. It is also beneficial to use the reverse function, which performs admirably and switches direction quickly.

Key Lock

One of its best features is a key lock, which keeps the key of a record constant when pitched up or down. This feature helps mix tracks with varying BPMs. In addition, it prevents accidental changes as an added benefit. It works opposite to how the pitch fader works, and the light is off when the pitch lock is active.


It features an SM V.3 cartridge. Its L-shaped interconnect cables are easy to insert and remove. There is no need to acquire a separate cartridge for this turntable.

USB Interface

When it comes to versatility, it comes with various accessories. For example, you can use its USB interface to transfer songs to your record player from your computer. You can even download free music software to your PC.

Key Features for DJs

While the STR8-150’s S-tonearm is ideal for DJs who don’t need much space for the needle to rest on the throne, it offers increased pitch control percentages and a straight-tone arm to reduce inward and outward forces on the needle. A perfect match for a DJ, the STR8-150 will make a great addition to any DJ’s arsenal.


The STR8-150 is a straight-tonearm turntable compatible with S- and X-tonearm styles. The S-tonearm’s tonearm is also straighter, reducing the inward and outward forces placed on the needle. This model has a straight tonearm, with a Stanton str8-150 needle that allows for better tracking while requiring less effort to operate.

Direct Driven Motor

Stanton’s STR8 DJ turntable is a beautiful choice if you are a DJ who enjoys mixing vinyl records. Its high-torque, ultra-stable direct-drive motor is a standout feature.

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It also includes a USB port and can be used with line or phono cables. The STR8-150 is compatible with both digital and analog audio, and it is compatible with PC/MAC sound cards and other devices that plug into it. The STR8-150 is compatible with most turntables; however, it is ideally suited for DJs that wish to mix records on the go.

Extra S/PDIF Output

It is a digital turntable with an extra S/PDIF output for enhanced sound quality. Comes with a special stylus, which is essential if you want to control the pitch of your vinyl records while listening.

It also includes a slip mat and a target light, which are both helpful in ensuring that the stylus is placed correctly. The lightweight, durable aluminum body is also a bonus.

Concluding Thoughts

The STR8-150 is an excellent choice if you want a high-quality turntable at an inexpensive price. This S-tonearm turntable has the best motor and is widely regarded by professionals and DJs. The STR8’s improved motor and tonearm have proven themselves to be a great purchase.