Pioneer PLX-1000 Review in 2022 | Best turntable for DJing

The PLX-1000’s user-friendly layout is an excellent choice for a DJ or audiophile. The direct drive mechanism provides high torque for stable rotation, essential for professional audio.

The Pioneer PLX-1000 is an excellent record player with an incredible feature set. 

I just upgraded from my Pioneer PLX-500 to the Pioneer PLX-1000, and so far, so good. On the basis of my extensive understanding of turntable technology, I am pleased to present you with my review of the PLX-1000. Let us take a closer look.

Pioneer PLX-1000 Review

The Pioneer PLX-1000 offers a high-quality build and solid controls. This outstanding direct-driven turntable support only 2-speed, and its braking system plays a significant role in keeping the records intact. 

The platter has a consistent speed, and the tempo control is responsive and accurate. The design is simple, but it’s the most prominent feature and one that you’ll love. Its low-impedance RCA jacks offer an outstanding balance between power and signal.  While it does come equipped with a phono stage, the Pioneer PLX-1000 lacks this feature. 

It has Rubber feet, and a record lock is included as optional features. Pioneer PLX-1000’s built-in phaser is a valuable tool in the toolbox of any DJ looking to improve their performance. The DJ setup for the PLX-1000 includes an aluminum platter a slipmat. In addition, there are counterweights and a headcase with detachable weight, all of which are provided as standard.

Key Features

  • Drive Mechanism: direct-driven
  • Platter: Aluminium-made platter 
  • Braking System: Electronic brake for stopping.
  • Speed of the turntable: 33⅓ and 45 rpm
  • Wow and Flutter: less than 0.01 % 
  • RCA: for external connection 
  • Tonearm: S-shape tonearm

Sound Quality 

The sound quality of the Pioneer Plx-1000 vs 500, but this record player is generally considered to be excellent. It is captivating because of its rhythmic flow and better music quality. It is popular among turntablists due to its consistency in pitch.


You may listen to music on CDs with the Pioneer PLX-1000 record player. Turntables are computer programs that are used to monitor and control media files. Music files may be played and controlled using a turntable, a computer program that has already been developed. 

The PLX-1000 is a fantastic alternative for turntablists who like a more traditional approach. Despite its expensive price, the PLX-1000 is a fantastic value for the money.

PLX-1000| Excellent Choice for DJs

As soon as you start working with the Pioneer PLX-1000, you will discover how durable and reliable it is. The controls are well-built and perform as expected. The platter’s speed is acceptable. It is possible to make quick and easy modifications to the tempo. 

The Pioneer PLX-1000 is an incredible choice for a DJ. Because of its high-quality build and responsive features, this is an excellent choice for a home studio environment.

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Final Verdict 

The Pioneer PLX-1000, on the other hand, is a superior choice for a DJ than Pioneer Plx-500. In terms of features, the PLX-1000 is a wonderful pick for audiophiles since it provides a surprising amount of features.