Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working [Solution]

If your soundbar HDMI ARC is not working, then there might be specific issues. Sometimes ARC connection doesn’t work the first time, and you do not command the right settings.

If you are connecting HDMI the first time, make sure it supports the ARC connection. Cheaper TVs available on the market provide HDMI ports for basic connectivity. They do not eliminate the need for additional composite audio.  

HDMI ports don’t confirm whether your device supports ARC or not. However, today’s article covers the most common reasons why the HDMI ARC stops working and the solutions: how do you fix it?

Fix HDMI ARC not working

Here are a few tricks that you can apply to fix the HDMI ARC issues. 

  1. Disconnect Other HDMI Devices

Multiple devices attached to the same TV can cause CEC issues. Disconnect all other devices attached through HDMI; connect only the soundbar cord. It will resolve the CEC issues. Furthermore, also make sure the soundbar HDMI is firmly secured. 

  • Use the Right Port for Soundbar

Some of the best Smart TVs available on the market feature more than one HDMI port to attach multiple inventions. You should go with the ARC audio-supported port labeled there. Also, check the HDMI cable is working correctly. If it’s damaged, then get a new line to connect the soundbar. 

  • Enable CEC

If you have connected the soundbar to the TV using an HDMI cable but haven’t enabled the CEC, then it might not be working. For enabling CEC, follow the given steps. 

  • Go to the menu by pressing the “menu” button on the remote. 
  • Use the “arrow key” and select the HDMI ARC option.
  • Now run a scan and check if your sound device is displayed or not.
  • Update Software

Sometimes outdated software also causes connectivity interferences. Instantly check the available software updates from the settings of both devices. Download and install the latest version of the software, and you can download it from the official website. 

If you want to update the software, then you can follow the given steps. 

  • Open the Vizio SmartCast on your smartphone. 
  • Go to the settings > systems and tap on check for updates.
  • Confirm the updates by tapping on Yes.
  • Wait for at least 30 minutes, and it will restart and automatically connect while updating. 
  • Reset the Soundbar & TV

Custom settings can cause issues while pairing Bluetooth devices to Vizio Soundbar. It also interference with the ARC connection. You can apply a hard reset on both devices that will clear all the settings errors. Follow the given steps to rest your devices. 

  • Turn on your Soundbar.
  • Unplug all the devices connected to it.
  • Also, unplug it from the power source. 
  • Hold the power button for at least 30 seconds. 
  • Wait for 10 minutes and then connect the power outlet.
  • Now reconnect the soundbar to the TV.

Note: The procedure is the same for the soundbar and TV. Also, reset settings of your Smart TV will default all the settings on the TV.

  • Connect with Other Devices

Connect your soundbar to other devices, and it will ensure that the problem is with your TV or sound system. Try to connect with another TV; if it connects successfully, there might be a problem with your TV. Also, check your HDMI cable; if it is damaged, then consider replacing it.

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Right Way to Connect Vizio Soundbar to TV

If you have purchased a Vizio soundbar and want to connect it with your smart TV, then here is the right procedure to follow. 

  • Turn off both devices.
  • Plug the one end of HDMI into the HDMI 1 TV port. 
  • Connect the other end of HDMI to the soundbar’s input port. 
  • Turn on your TV and soundbar.

If it automatically discovers the sound system, then you are finished. If the soundbar has not connected to the TV, then follow the given steps. 

  • Navigate to the menu.
  • Go to the Audio > Digital Audio Out.
  • Select the option “Dolby Digital” or “Bitstream.”
  • Now enable CEC and ARC both options from settings.
  • Run a scan and discover your device. 

Wrapping Up

HDMI ARC is the best way to connect your smart TV to a soundbar. It provides exceptional sound quality and multi-channel audio through a single cable. 

If you have connected multiple devices to the same TV, then remove them. Multiple devices cause the CEC issues that are effective in breaking the ARC connection

If the HDMI ARC is still not working after following out tricks, there might be an issue with your cable. Try any other HDMI cable to check it.