Thorens TD 102A Review | Lowest Friction and Noise Turntable

Thorens turntables have a long and illustrious history, and they must hold fast to their legacy. They manufacture highly efficient turntables distinguished by low noise and friction levels and sleek and attractive designs. The TD102A is also a completely automated turntable. Since it is designed to have the lowest friction resistance available, it is a favorite choice among audiophiles due to its possible mechanism.

High-quality audio and long operational life are two of its main characteristics. Read on for more information in the Thorens TD 102a review, a fantastic new player.

Reviewing Thoren TD 102A | Fully Automatic Turntable 

When choosing from the variety it provides, you may choose from the two finishes, black or walnut, to configure your TD 102A according to your taste. I chose the black one and played different records on this 2-speed turntable. Music and sound quality were relatively standard.

Additionally, this fully automated machine has a switchable preamplifier and an RCA output for my external speakers, which was fascinating.  In addition to these features, the Thorens TD102A has an integrated alternating current power supply.

It also has a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and an MM phono stage, making it even more flexible. Anyone who likes high-quality sound will be pleased with their purchase.  With the TD102A as the centerpiece of your audio system, you cannot go wrong. It lies in the very high-quality turntables.

The carbon tonearm of the TD102A is the ideal fit for vinyl records. An integrated phono preamplifier is included in the device. Aside from that, it has an incredible list of other features that make it an excellent addition to any house.

List of Features and Specifications 

  • Type of Turntable: it is an Automatic turntable.
  • Driven Mechanism: it is a belt-driven Turntable 
  • Speed of the Turntable:  2-speed 33⅓ and  45 rpm
  • Platter: platter is made up of Aluminum
  • Tonearm: carbon made tonearm TP 72-durable
  • Cartridge: it has the Audio Technica AT VM95E
  • Shutter Function: it helps in shutting off automatically
  • Dimensions:  420 x 141 x 355 mm
  • Weight: 5,4 Kg
  • Dust cover: it keeps it dust-free that increases its life.
  • RCA: for connecting external devices.

What to Like? 

This turntable is quite popular among audiophiles due to its notable attributes.

Low Friction

It produces low friction and noise because of its well-made mechanical structure and perfect belt-driven mechanism.

Sleek Design

It has a pretty elegant design that increases its presence around the turntablists.

Carbon Tonearm and Cartridge

It has the graphite Carbon Tonearm and Audio Technica AT VM95E that brings a better and clean music experience.

Automatic Shutter Function

The automatic shutter function prevents your records from getting torn or worn out. It gets off when it is finished.

What to Dislike?

As every turntable has something that doesn’t go with Following are the attributes that make it less likable:


It is pretty lightweight, making it resonate and vibrate at high bass or volume.

Build Quality

When you talk about build quality, it is mainly made of plastic, making it less durable and less weight makes it noisier in the circumstances.


If you are looking for the optimum price range, it is not for you. It is a relatively expensive turntable of about $1k, which is relatively higher than others in the same category.

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Final Verdict

When it comes to music experience, this turntable is the most acceptable option for audiophiles who want the most out of their listening experience. When you look at the pricing range, you will see that it is much more pricey than the others. As a result, make an informed decision.